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ATP Bolt-On Turbo Kit for Mazdaspeed3

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Product Description

The ATP Garrett high speed balanced dual ball bearing turbochargers easily install in place of the tiny stock journal bearing turbo, and will work with the stock turbo manifold and stock downpipe (although an aftermarket downpipe is highly recommended).

ATP recommends that you use a bellmouth downpipe with their bolt-on Garrett turbos for optimal performance. While a stock downpipe may suffice, stock-type downpipes may not allow optimal flow for these turbos, restricting safe horsepower and boost levels. This can result in boost "creep," "spiking," and inaccurate boost control.

The Garrett turbos with ATP proprietary exhaust housing and internal wastegate are all ready to bolt up to Mazdaspeed3 exhaust manifold and downpipe. Includes all coolant and oil connections to connect turbo to factory lines.

The turbo is efficient up to 22 psi on the MS3 2.3L turbo engine and can produce 450 crank HP as configured with supporting mods and proper tuning. Does not include 3" inlet pipe and 3" downpipe necessary to complete a "kit" in order maximize the turbo.

ATP Garrett Turbo Options:

GT2871R: The smallest of the ATP bolt-on MS3 turbos, the GT2871R is a perfect high-horsepower daily driver turbo when coupled with the MZR 2.3 liter Mazdaspeed motor. The GT2871R is efficient up to 21psi and is rated at over 400 crank horsepower on the 2.3 liter. This turbo is very highly recommended for the all around power up to 400hp, producing "a lot of area under the curve".

GT3071R: Bigger than the GT28, ATP's GT3071R has slower spool, but will handle up to 450 crank horsepower on the Mazdaspeed3. This is efficient up to 22psi and a great choice for those that don't mind adding a bit more lag for exchange for more top-end performance. The GT3071R is simply the fastest spooling turbo on the market if you are looking to make power in excess of 450 horsepower.

GT3076R: The GT3076R is efficient up to 26 psi on the MS3 2.3L turbo engine and can produce over 500 crank horsepower when configured with proper supporting mods and tuning. This is a great spooling turbo and is the benchmark for building a 500 horsepower Mazdaspeed3. You can expect this turbo to spool around 500 rpms later than the GT3071R on the same 2.3L engine.

GT35R: The massive GT35R turbocharger is a whole different animal than its little brothers listed above. Efficient up to 30 psi on the MS3 2.3L, this turbo will breach the 500-600hp range when maxed out with all supporting modifications and aggressive tuning. A fully built engine and full supporting modifications are highly recommended to safely run the GT35R. You can expect this turbo to spool around 800 rpms later than the GT3071R on the 2.3L engine.

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