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2016 911 Turbo Exhaust - Agency Power Race Pipes (Cat Delete)

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Product Description

This product is intended for RACE USE ONLY

A muffler-less and cat-less design that provides the least possible back pressure. Being that the Porsche is turbo charged the the lack of back pressure would allow the turbos to spool up faster and generate optimum horsepower.

This new design features 3.5″ stainless steel piping that fits perfectly with the existing factory Porsche exhaust tips. These retains the 02 sensors bungs but delete the catalytic converters, so unless you have a tune these will produce a CEL on the dash.

Tested on Agency Power's 991 Turbo and kept the only variable different being the exhaust. Already equipped with the AP Tuning Box, AP Y-Pipe, AP Intakes, and AP Headers, this car puts down some serious power. With the straight pipes, the turbos spooled up much quicker making peak torque almost 400rpm quicker. From the start of test at 2500 rpm to 3800 rpm, the car made an additional 65 ft/lbs of torque. Torque stayed strong through the mid range with an additional 25 ft/lbs. Horsepower was increased in the mid range around 5200 rpm with a peak of about 40 awhp. All of these tests were done on a Mustang AWD Dyno with only 91 octane and an ambient temperature of around 90F.



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